Million Dollar Bills and Billion Dollar Bills as novelty items for promotion, marketing, profit, and fun!
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Million Dollar Bill

Custom Million Bills
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Billion Dollar Bill

Million Dollar Greeting Cards

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Money Gift Envelopes

Traditional Million Dollar Bill

Liberty Billion Dollar Bill

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Money Gift Envelopes
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Million Dollar Bills, Billion Dollar Bills, and more!

  • We DO NOT print our website or phone number on our bills.
    Be aware that many other companies do advertise on the bills they sell.
  • Lowest Wholesale Prices 
    We will beat competitors' overall price for bills like ours.
  • FREE SHIPPING in the USA on bill orders over $25.
  • We offer a variety of products with a money or Thanks a Million theme.
    That includes several Million and Billion Dollar Bill styles, money gift envelopes,
    Thanks a Million Greeting Cards, Thanks a Million Chocolate Bars, customized bills, etc.
  • Easy to order: Call toll-free, order online, fax it, email it, mail it, or use PayPal.
  • We are a "Green" company that works to be earth friendly.
    We recycle and reuse all our paper products and anything else recyclable. Please do your part.

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This novelty money is not legal tender and is non negotiable, 
but the bottom line is ....these bills are very cool!

High quality paper and printing, these are the coolest things you've seen!  They have the similar size, feel, and look of the real thing!  Our printing process ensures sharp, crisp, and impressive details on every bill....guaranteed!  Don't fall for the cheap imitations, these are the best quality available for printing AND paper.

If you are not satisfied with our quality product, return it in new condition for a full refund.

We carry FOUR money designs: 
Million Dollar Bills - Traditional and New Styles
Billion Dollar Bills - Kennedy and Lee Styles

Now we have Santa Bills, Million Dollar Greeting Cards, "Thanks a MILLION" Chocolate Bars! and Sampler Packs!

We also offer Money Gift Envelopes, Laminated Bills, and custom bills!

Uses may include:

  • Marketing
  • Promotions - "Get a million dollar bill with each purchase."
  • Thank You Gifts - "Dear customer, Thanks a billion!"
  • Good Luck Gifts - "Make a million!"
  • Gag Gift
  • Fundraising - Make money selling "millions and billions!"
  • Showing off to friends
  • Shocking your friends
  • Many other uses you can dream of...order now and start having fun!
  • Sell them in your store: Suggested Retail Price for retailers: $1.00 each; 5 for $4.00; 20 for $15.00

Many of our customers sell these bills in their stores for $1.00 each.  These stores include gift and card shops, gas stations, and convenience stores.  These bills are GREAT profit makers!

We promise these ARE legal, and we promise you'll love them!
There is a disclaimer on every bill that states "non-negotiable note".